Illustration of military interest from
La chanson de Bertrand du Guesclin by Jean Cuvelier
Paris, France, c. 1380-1392

51r. Taking of Pestien
British Library MS Yates Thompson 35

Yates Thompson 35
Author: Jean Cuvelier
Title: La chanson de Bertrand du Guesclin
Origin: France, Central (Paris)
Date: between c. 1380 and 1392
Source: British Library.

The castle of Pestivien, owned by the Pestivien family, was held on July 10, 1355 by the King of England (Captain Roger David). Roger David (or Davy) was the husband of Jeanne de Rostrenen, widow of the viscount of Rohan who had been killed in the battle of Roche-Derrien near Charles de Blois. This castle was taken by Du Guesclin in 1363-1364, helped by the militia of Guingamp and about 6000 men. The siege ruined the castle.
Source: Bulat-Pestivien
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