Spanish and North African Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers

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Stone Sarcophagus from Alcaudete, Spain, 6th-7th century, Archeological Museum, Madrid or mirror
Sources for Illustrations in The Moors - The Islamic West - 7th-15th Centuries AD by David Nicolle & Angus McBride or mirror
Casket with spearmen, Northern Spain, 8th-10th century, Glencairn Museum or mirror
Valenciennes - BM - ms. 99, The Apocalypse, Spanish, early 9th century or mirror
Cavalryman on a panel from the palace at Madina al-Zahra near Cordoba, Spain, 10th century or mirror
Spanish soldiers in Biblia de San Isidoro de Leon, 960AD, MS 2, 960 or mirror
Mounted Hunters on an Umayyad Casket from Cordoba, c.966-968, David Collection Museum, Copengagen 5/2002 or mirror
Ivory Pyxis of Ziyad ibn Aflah, Umayyad Spain, c. 969-970, Victoria and Albert Museum 368-1880 or mirror
Ivory Pyxis inscribed with the name of Al-Mughira, Umayyad Spain, 968. Louvre, Paris, OA 4068 or mirror
Ivory Pyxis from Madinat al-Zahra, Umayyad Spain, 970AD, Louvre, Paris, OA 2774 or mirror
The Gerona Beatus Codex, Spain, 975AD, Girona Cathedral, Catalonia or mirror
Fragmentary dish showing an archer, Madinat al-Zahraʾ, Spain, 10th-11th century or mirror

Leyre (or Pamplona) Casket, Umayyad Spain, 1004-1005AD or mirror
Fatimid-Zirid Bas-relief of Musician and Drinker, 10th-11th centuries or mirror
Fatimid-Zirid Plate with a Battle Scene, 10th-11th centuries or mirror
The Pila, an Ablution Basin, early to mid 11th century, Spain or mirror
Moorish soldiers on an Ivory Casket of Santo St. Domingo de Silos, Cuenca, 1026 or mirror
Ripoll Bible (Farfa Bible). Catalonia, Spain, ca. 1027-1032AD. Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome (MS. Vat. lat. 5729) or mirror
Soldiers on a Moorish Casket from Cuenca, c.1049AD or mirror
Fatimid Horseman from Ifriqiyah on a Plate, 10th to 12th Centuries or mirror
Fatimid Ceramic Wall-Plaque with Warriors from the Sabra Palace, 11th century or mirror
Fatimid Ceramic Wall-Plaque of Archer from the Sabra Palace, 11th century or mirror
Subjugation of the Cantabrians by Visigoth King Leovigild, northern Spain, 11th century or mirror
Biblia Sancti Petri Rodensis, the Roda Bible, Catalonia, 1050-1100AD or mirror
Guards at the Tomb'. Relief on a column capital, cloister of the monastery of St. Domingo de Silos, 1080AD or mirror
The Spanish Military Orders by Guy Stair Sainty or archive
The Portuguese Military Orders by José Vicente de Bragança or mirror

The Silos Beatus Codex by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, 1090-1109 or mirror
Knights on the Sarcophagus of Doña Sancha, Benedictine Monastery of Santa Cruz, Jaca, Spain, 1110-1120AD or mirror
Detail of soldiers of Alfonso III of Asturias in the Liber Testamentorum, c.1118AD or mirror
Detail of Alfonso II praying to Christ Pantocrator in the Liber Testamentorum, c.1118AD or mirror
Herod's Massacre of the Innocents, Carvings, 12th century AD, Church of San Domingo in Soria, Spain or mirror
Spanish Knights & Infantry in the Codex Calixtinus, 1135-1139AD or mirror
Privilegium Imperatoris of the Emperor Alfonso VII of León and Castile granting land for the foundation of a monastery, 1142-47AD or mirror
Fresco from the Church of Sant Quirze de Pedret, near Berga, in Catalonia, Spain, 12th century or mirror
Spanish soldiers in Biblia Segunde de San Isidoro de Leon, 1162AD or mirror
12th century Spanish soldiers & hunters in the frescos from the Church of San Baudelio de Berlanga, Soria or mirror
. A Spanish Town Militiamen in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath, based on the frescos from the Church of San Baudelio & Las Cantigas de Santa Maria or mirror
The Navarra Beatus Codex, Navarre, late 12th century or mirror
Rylands Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, c.1175 or mirror
The Murder of Thomas Becket - Wall Painting in Santa Maria de Terrassa, c1180-1200 or mirror
Navarre Picture Bible, Pamplona, Spain, 1197AD or mirror

Las Huelgas Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, 1220 or mirror
. Spanish Knights in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath, based on Las Huelgas Apocalypse & Las Cantigas de Santa Maria or mirror
. A Jewish archer in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath, based on Las Huelgas Apocalypse or mirror
A North African al-Sufi manuscript - Vatican Ms. Ross. 1033, 1224AD or mirror
Illustrations of Andalusians from the story of Bayad and Riyad, 13th century or mirror
A mid 13th century North African al-Sufi manuscript - BnF Ms. Arabe Ar 2488
A Muslim Horseman on a silk hanging, Spain, 13th Century or mirror
Knights and Andalusians in Frescos from the Tower of Hercules, Segovia, Spain, 13th century or mirror
Alfonso X the Wise with the arms of Castile and Leon, Tumbo A - folio 71, Cathedral-Library, Santiago De Compostela, La Coruna, Spain or mirror
Murals in the Monastery of Valbuena, Valladolid, Castile and León, Spain, 13th century, c.1270AD or mirror
Spanish, Granadine & Moroccan Soldiers of the 13th Century in Las Cantigas de Santa Maria or mirror
Spain - Middle Ages by Racinet or mirror
13th century Spanish & Moorish Soldiers in the frescos of The Conquest of Mallorca or mirror . or download this site as a 5.4MB zip
Aragonese soldiers from the army of King James I in a mural from the Tinell Hall at the Palau Reial Major or mirror
Gran Conquista de Ultramar, Spain, 1291 - 1295 or mirror
Ceiling panel with a knight of the House of Anjou struck down by another knight, c.1300 or mirror
Ceiling panel with a fight between a Christian knight and a Muslim, Spain, c.1300 or mirror
. An Aragonese Jinete, 13th Century in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath, based on this panel or mirror
Archer Figure, Inland Niger Delta, Mali, Africa, 13th-15th century, Smithsonian or mirror
A knight and a Granadian fight in the Usatages of Berenguer I, Spain or mirror
The wall paintings of El Partal, Alhambra, Spain, early 14th Century. Also known as the Torre de las Damas or mirror
Llibre dels Usastges, I-Constitucions de Catalunya, 2nd quarter of the 14th Century or mirror
Sepulchre of Ardevol, 14th century or mirror
Painting on the ceiling of the main hall, Alhambra, Spain, 14th Century, also known as the 'Hall of Justice' or 'Hall of Kings' (la Sala de los Reyes) or mirror
Painting on the ceiling of the 2nd lateral hall, Alhambra, Spain, 14th Century or mirror
Castigos (punishment) de Sanchos IV or mirror
Battle of El Puig, Altarpiece of St George, Valencia, c.1400 or mirror
Crucifixion of St. Andrew, by Borrassà, Barcelona, 1400-1415 or mirror
Pedro IV, King of Aragon, in the Roll of Poblet, 1409-10 or mirror
Embrace in the Golden Gate, The Kiss of Judas, 1410-1425 or mirror
Altarpiece of St. Barbara, by Sarria, 1410-25 or mirror
Battle of El Puig, Alterpiece of St George, Jerica, 1420 or mirror
The Alba Bible, Spain, 1430, including Brethren of the Order of Calatrava or mirror
Altarpiece of Saint Vincent, by Martorell, 1438-40 or mirror
Martyrdom of Saint Eulalia, by Martorell, 1442-5 or mirror
St. Jerome & St. Sebastian by Ferrer, 1450 or mirror
Tomb Slab of a Knight of St. James, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 15th century or mirror
Equestrian Figure, Djenne, Mali, Africa, c. 1450, Minneapolis Institute of Art or mirror
St. Vincent at the stake, by Huguet, 1455-60 or mirror
Portuguese soldiers in The Archbishop panel, altar from Saint Vincent de Fora, c.1470 or mirror
Saint George by Pedro Nisart, Mallorca, Spain, c.1468-70 or mirror
. Spanish Infantry, 15th century, in Armies of the Middle Ages, volume 1 by Ian Heath, based on Saint George by Pedro Nisart or mirror
St. James the Major at the Battle of Clavigo against the Moors, attributed to Martin Schongauer, 15th century or mirror
The tomb effigy of Martín Vázquez de Arce 'Doncel de Sigüenza', Order of Santiago, c.1486 or mirror
The King of Aragon presides over the courts, Usatges i Constitucions de Catalunya, c.1495. or mirror
Calvary, Altar of Sant Esteve de Granolles, 1495-1500 or mirror
North African marines in William Caoursin's Obsidionis Rhodie Urbis Descriptio, 1496. A description of the 1480 siege of the city of Rhodes or mirror
Spanish & Portuguese Costume at Jessamyn's Closet (Mosty non-military).

The Pastrana Tapestries of Affonso V, showing Portuguese conquests in North Africa, late 15th century or mirror
Warfare and Firearms in Fifteenth Century Morocco, 1400-1492 By Weston F. Cook Jr. or mirror
Wood carvings of scenes of the Conquest of Granada on the Choir Stalls in Toledo Cathedral, Spain or mirror
Illustrations of Costume from the 1554 manuscript of The pilgrimage of Arnold von Harff in 1496 to 1499 or mirror
Illustrations of Costume from the 1860 edition of The pilgrimage of Arnold von Harff in 1496 to 1499 or mirror

Spanish Conquest of Oran, Algeria, 1509, by Juan de Borgoña, 1514 or mirror
Renaissance Warfare by George Gush, Parts 14 & 15: Spanish or mirror
Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent receives Barbarossa, 1533 or mirror
A Moroccan in Kostüme und Sittenbilder des 16. Jahrhunderts aus West- und Osteuropa, Orient, der Neuen Welt und Afrika or mirror
The Attack on La Goleta from the 1744 copies of the 'Conquest of Tunis' Tapestries or mirror
Costume from Códice De Trajes, 1547:
1r North-African Cavalryman 5v Spaniards 8v Spanish Soldiers 9v Galicians 11r Basques 11v Basques 14v-15r Tunisian Ruler & Cavalry 16r Barbary Coast 59v Mamelukes
Eastern Mediterranean & North African Illustrations from: Histoire Des Turcs, by Blaise de Vigenere: or mirror
North-African Cavalryman by Lucas d'Heere, about 1575 or mirror
A Basque peasant from Vizcaya with crossbow by Hans Weigel, 1577 or mirror
Aztecs, Incas and Spaniards from contemporary pictures
The Ottoman Army Marching On The City Of Tunis in 1569, by Seyyid Lokman, 1581 or mirror

A Turk of Algeria by Bonnart, 1678-1711 or mirror
Illustrations of Ottoman Asian & North African Inhabitants after Jean-Baptiste Vanmour, c.1708: or mirror
Spanish Uniforms in the Augsburger Bilder, 1802-09 or mirror
Uniforms of Spanish Units at the Battle of Talavera 1809:
Generals or mirror Guards or mirror Line Infantry or mirror Light Infantry and Marines or mirror Militia or mirror Line Cavalry or mirror Dragoons or mirror Light Cavalry or mirror Artillery or mirror Engineers or mirror
Spanish Napoleonic Uniforms from the NYPL or mirror
Spanish Uniforms of Joseph Bonaparte's Army from the NYPL or mirror
Spanish Maps of Peninsular War Battles
Spanish Units at Albuhera
The Armies at Talavera: The Artwork of Dionisio Álvarez Cueto
The Spanish Army in 1808: The Artwork of Dionisio Álvarez Cueto
The Spanish Army at Bailen: The Artwork of Dionisio Álvarez Cueto
Uniformserie Suhr
Spanish regimental names 1805-14
Spanish Regiments by Year

10th to 19th century Egypt and its territories or mirror

Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers